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CONTRA sarl is a well renowned establishment on the local and international slate, catering distinct services to its clientele base with complete professionalism and refined delivery channels.

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Thriving to cope and cater to a wider audience and a more diversified public, CONTRA sarl always tries to conquer farther territories and leaps into new technologies and categories while investing in the best skilled individuals in the business.

At this phase, we do take care of the below scopes with the continuous lookout to new achievements:

ARTISTIC niche – covering all categories from graphics | web | and multimedia, photography and visual interpretation, underwater photography & videography, in addition to 3 dimensional designs.

ARCHITECTURE niche – we are also glad to provide our clients with the best services in architectural segments and civil engineering, and interior | exterior conceptual design, conceptual architectural monuments | design pieces.

DEVELOPMENT niche – aiming to motorize | automate the designs and creations we produce, we also feature programming and development skills, software | web based, structure | infrastructure, and database.

MISC niche – in addition to the above sections, we also deploy efforts in caring for the environment and conservational projects, from underwater conservation | habitats, educational data | sources, as we also excel in underwater diving education | gear.

what we Sell...

In the aim of generating the best levels of services and products, CONTRA sarl dedicates its success to several high end means and tools used in the business while In the pursuit of the highest standards in quality and results, some of which we even represent in Lebanon and the Middle East as Dealerships and Distribution Representatives.

INON – underwater camera equipment, one of the best brands on the market offering a wide range of items such as underwater strobes, underwater video lights, arms, connection cords, and other related gear.

AQUATICA – professional high end underwater camera housings and specialty items aiming to get your camera anywhere you desire. High grade aluminum cast housings specially designed to each and every camera.

GLOBAL DIVE GUIDE – one of the booming and best performant online and mobile app launched to help guide all divers around the world to acquire the adequate information for all available dive sites, specifications, details, information, imagery, videos, and all kind of important data needed to plan a successful diving vacation or trip.

We thank all our contributors who help us always in enhancing the level of services and products provided, and always striving for new achievements and overall expansion.

Should you be interested in becoming one of our affiliates, kindly connect with us on info@contra-group.com

Inon Lighting Technology

With a huge variety of products spanning from Strobes, Attachment Lenses, Mounts Base, Arms, Housings - Ports, LED Lights, GoPro Accessories and Add ons, INON specializes in great end products catering to multiple platforms, cameras, systems and photography items (more)

Aquatica Digital

Aquatica is a Canadian manufacturer of fine quality aluminum housings for underwater photography.

Our camera housings are available for selected Canon, Nikon and Sony digital cameras and are part of a comprehensive system which includes a large selection of wide angle and macro ports, accessories and capped off with our 45° and 180° Aqua View finders (more)

Big Blue

Bigblue Dive Lights entered the dive light market in 2007 introducing their first light models at the DEMA show in Orlando that year. The unique shape, color and functionality established by those first-year models set the standard for the Bigblue brand.

Each year Bigblue has continued to build upon the reputation for innovation, performance, and quality becoming the only dive light manufacturer to (more)


KELDAN started in the early 90s when Daniel Keller manufactured a dive light as a birthday present to his wife. The performance and quality of the light was so good that he was asked to produce more for members of his local dive club. Since then, the business has grown to a worldwide respected manufacturer of highest performing underwater video lighting equipment. (more)

Global Dive Guide

Global Dive Guide is a unique, comprehensive and user friendly virtual dive guide that provides you with everything you need to start planning your next exciting diving adventure.

At the touch of a screen you will discover our exclusive, high-resolution photo gallery together with easy to read site maps and engaging (more)

Light and Motion

Light & Motion has been building high performance, self-contained lighting solutions for rugged environments since 1989. As a pioneer in underwater video and photography lights, we have worked with many leading image makers. Traveling to remote locations, they demand lightweight gear that works no matter what. As workflows have changed, smaller teams have been pushed to accomplish more. (more)

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